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I bloggers calciatori fanno paura

Dal forum degli Arctic Monkeys:

In the Arctic Monkeys’ first match, against journalists from rocksound [Italian mag], the AMs’ great big hooligan boy (the bassist, I think) goes crashing in on an opponent’s ankle, making it swell up like a balloon [he actually says ‘bagpipe’ but that sounds weird in English]. Not only does he not apologize, he keeps showing off about it to his mates. The bloggers get cross. They insult him. They threaten him. Only one of them keeps silent, thinking about the next cigarette break. In the meantime the matches go on, with match-fixing, daylight robbery and more fouls by the great big bass player. Then it’s the bloggers’ turn against the Arctic Monkeys.
After 30 seconds there’s a ball in the air and two players go up for it, the silent blogger and the young icy [or could be freezing…] little monkeys’ tour manager. The tour manager is in pain on the ground, swearing in his own language, threatening revenge and cursing. The silent blogger lets out a ‘sorry’ in a very very low voice and gets back to defend…


e la cosa prosegue poi con puerili scontri italia-inghilterra. Da apprezzare gli interventi di Gattuso e Del Piero a difendere la causa italica!

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