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A polaroid for Christmas 2008

Raccolta natalizia d'eccezione, da Polaroid:

1) Parker Lewis and Friends - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
2) Bassoon's Ex-Lovers - Mr. E. Is Coming to Town
3) Death in Donut Plains - Small Town Girl (Christmas Carol version) - (Good Shoes cover)
4) Denise - Din Don
5) The Calorifer is very Hot! - Hole Wright! They All Write
6) Heike Has The Giggles - All I Want For Christmas Is You - (Mariah Carey cover)
7) Wolther Goes Stranger - Kiss Me (Under the Mistletoe) - (Wave Pictures cover)
8) His Clancyness - This Xmas No Trees Just Soul
9) Fare Soldi - Ultrameganatale (magica armonia)
10) Soda Fountain Rag - The Christmas Where It Ends
11) The Clever Square - Have A Nice Christmas, I Hope You Die
12) Tiger Tiger! - Sing To Me
13) Chewingum -Afterhours - (Velvet Undergound cover)

Scaricatela - gratuitamente - passando da QUI.

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