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Who's goin' to Berlin?

Risarcimento parziale per uno dei peggiori esempi di "lunedì": una compila di sua ecletticità DJ Torba:

via Vespa in Paris di Eazye 

Mini-Tape Vol. 6
Travel Version tunnels, taxi, bus, trains, fingers, metro...

01. Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Sylvie Lewis - Starsong... What Became Of Us
Little Joy- How To Hang A Warhol
Dizzee Rascal - That's Not My Name (The Ting Tings cover)
05. Dutch Rhythm Combo (feat. Joe Dukie) - Venom

Bonus track Hard Wake Up:
0Six. Speeka (feat. Polly Paulusma) - Free At Last

"Peace Out to ya'll!" Dj Torba.

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