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perché a noi gli eclettici piacciono

Allora oggi segnaliamo due cosuccie che sono in un certo modo interconnesse:
  • L'esaustivo post di punch-drunk su Inkiostro riguardo Watchmen
  • L'intervista di Conrad Keeley (frontman dei ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, il nuovo album esce la settimana prossima ed già stato ampiamente elogiato... cfr. rocksuckers) su WIRED, per chi non volesse farsi lo sbattello della lettura: Conrad é anche illustratore e scrittore di racconti sci-fi, l'intervista si conclude con i suoi 5 fumetti preferiti:

The New Mutants: "This was my favorite series. In middle school, I found the younger, up-and-coming mutants easier to relate to than their adult X-Men counterparts. Also, the artwork of Bill Sienkiewicz was a huge inspiration."

The X-Men: "Of course. After generations of goody-two-shoes superheroes, it was just nice to have a band of outlaws as role models."

Secret Wars: "That was an amazing series, and I think would make the ultimate movie adaptation. A simple concept similar to Lost. Put all the superheroes on a remote planet, and have them fight it out!"

Moonshadow: "A short miniseries with amazing artwork by Jon J. Muth. It provided me with a lot of artistic inspiration."

Watchmen: "Obviously, everyone's talking about this now that there's a movie coming out. But at the time, it was one of the most human treatments of the superhero idea, and showed how far the envelope of comic book narrative could be pushed."

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